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About Us

Welcome to InBrizo!

A place where crystals, moon, star lovers can find what people often refer to Witchcore Aesthetic apparel, accessories and other magical things.

We are here to tell you a bit about the brand InBrizo. Let’s start with the name! Brizo, in Greek Mythology, was known as both a dream goddess and a goddess of the ocean. The Greek Myth Index indicates that she was a prophetic goddess whose Greek name stems from the word “brizein” which means “to fall asleep” and her prophecies were delivered through dreams. Brizo was also considered a lunar goddess, or a goddess associated with the moon. So Brizo, for this brand, connects some of our interests, like the mysterious oceans and celestial moon and stars that shine upon us as we fall asleep. 

InBrizo has been seeking and transforming since February 2020. Finally finding the path that was lost for so many years, we are now following the ringing in our ears. 

Our goal is to transform our art, creativity and intuition into amazing products for all those with a celestial style.  So take a look around.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Luna Astraea